Senin, Januari 11, 2010

Venezuela will buy a T-90 MBT

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela will buy more tanks at least twice the amount of the Venezuelan Armed Forces have now, as interviews with national television stations. The government plans to strengthen the defense Venezuela Venezuela on land, sea and air.

The announcement the president not long after neighboring Colombia Venezuela, offers accommodation to the United States forces in the air and naval base AB of Colombia. According to Chavez this is a serious threat to Venezuela's national security.

Venezuela Army has made in 80 elderly French MBT AMX-30 tanks and several dozen artificial light French AMX-13C. Chaves affirmed Caracas and Moscow currently discussing a purchase plan T-90 MBT besides other military equipment.

Venezuela has spent millions of dollars to buy Russian-made weapons, including Sukhoi fighter planes, helicopters and Kalashnikov assault rifles between 2005 to 2007.

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