Selasa, Januari 12, 2010

Russian nuclear submarine Ballistic missile shooting success

A nuclear submarine of the Northern Fleet K-117 Bryansk successful test firing a ballistic missile from a position below the surface of the Barent Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry were report told RIA Novosti. "Warhead achieve the specified target area," according to the Russian Defense Ministry statement.

Not explained what type of ballistic missile successfully tested. Chances are that fire cruise missiles R-29RM Sineva, because when overhaul submarines equipped with this cruise missiles.

Bryansk class submarines have 667/BDRM Project dioverhaul, starting in July 2002 and completed November 2007 and began to enter the Russian Navy ranks in February 2008. Bryansk K-117 class submarines that dioverhaul fourth, previously Verkhoturie K-51, Ekaterinburg K-84, K-114 Tula. Russia's nuclear triad consists of a ballistic missile system berbasin land, nuclear submarines armed with ballistic missiles and strategic bombers carrying nuclear bombs and nuclear cruise missiles.

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