Sabtu, Januari 30, 2010

China has a nuclear submarine base secret

China's main base building nuclear-powered submarine groundwater on the island of Hainan.
The accusation that the study group revealed Jane's Intelligence Review defense yesterday. According to Jane, from DigitalGlobe satellite image shows the presence of the base. She warned, though Beijing does not build an aggressive military power, but the base was a strategic capability in the South China Sea and other areas.

"Jane's can confirm that the satellite photos showed China's base building nuclear-powered submarine is very large near Sanya, on the southern coast of Hainan Island," said the study group was leading. Jane said, a military source in Asia has revealed the existence of the submarine base in 2002, but the photos are there currently require independent verification.

"Satellite photos show the location of the port and a Type 094 submarine nuclear-powered ballistic missile capable of such base," said Jane. Another photograph shows the three-missile destroyer Luyang control and a missile Jiangwei 2 at a pier, there are 11 tunnels to the base.

Each entrance of the cave toward the hills. High tunnel about 18 meter.Foto-image also shows two of the tunnel entrance. Other photos showed construction activities involving dredging ships and tug boats that showed boat.Konstruksi Sanya base could become a major center for China's aircraft carriers and battle ships other.

"China's Navy has placed 094 type submarines in Sanya in December 2007," the report Jane. Identify the existence of the submarine base Underground confirmed China's ability in battle under the water. Base that has implications on China's ability to control the South China Sea and major straits in the region.

"For the strength of regional and ekstraregional, it is difficult to ignore the fact that China is now building a major naval base in Sanya, preparing to protect its nuclear power there, and operates from the base," said Jane's said, the base was very close to the major economic powers asia.

Editor of Jane's Intelligence ReviewChristianLeMieremenjelaskan, nuclear development and China's naval ambitions in Sanya shows Beijing's control area.

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