Kamis, Desember 31, 2009

Venezuela to buy 100 MBT

Russia and Venezuela pushed the purchase contract of about 100 main battle tanks (MBT) worth 500 million U.S. dollars, estimated MBT seems to range from T-72 and T-90. According to sources quoted in Mokskwa RIA Novosti, Venezuela is also interested in buying Infantry Fighting vehicles, the price of a T-72 range from 1-2 million dollars while the T-90 between 5-7 million dollars.

South Korean submarine added

German submarine type 214 South Korea's chosen and set aside the Scorpene Class already booked Chile, India, and Malaysia. Reasons for choosing U-214 was not free from the use of the latest diesel-electric engines and the ability to dive deeper 400 m, including the optimization of hull and propeller design, ultra modern internal systems, and AIP (Air Independent Propulsion). This last system can guarantee the submarine ship in a long time without needing to surface.

Korea had previously ordered three KSS-II / Type 214 in 2000 which agreed assembled by Hyundai Heavy Industries. Batch 2 (current), ordered another six, 65 m long ship and this time weight 1.700 tons. This time the contract fell to Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Type 214 would strengthen the three submarine U-209 Chang Bo-go who purchased in 1994. Korea is known to have several submarine development programs such as advanced SCC-III to type submarines 3000 tons.

Global Hawk Block 30 and Block 40

U.S. Air Force contracts worth U.S. $ 303 million to Northrop Grumman to produce five Global Hawk UAVs. UAV is made of Block 30 and 40 and will be sent next year.

Super Carrier CVN-21

Ocean would be filled by a fleet of aircraft carriers developed countries, mainly the U.S., some countries have and will improve the ability of the parent vessel. France to Charles De Gaulle Class (43.00 tons), India by Vikramaditya Class, English will be equipped with the Queen Elizabeth Class CFV in line with France's pa2 Project to operate the aircraft carriers of 65,000 tons (UK) and 74,000 tonnes (France). Aircraft carrier called the above would be meaningless so called Nimitz class and will be developed CVN-21 Class Gerarld R. Ford weighing between 90,000 to 105,000 tons, as the official Super Carriers.

With his ability, CVN-21 could increase the number of aircraft to be transported, but it uses the new nuclear energy and new power plants capable of providing electric capacity 2-3 times compared to the previous ships. Launcher system will use the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS), replace the steam catapult and arresting gear is advanced and integrated combat electronics. Another advantage CVN-21, including increase in flight deck, more reliable weapons system, simplification of aircraft services, and platforms are more flexible.

China strengthens ZBD

China produced artillery systems amphibious vehicle attached to a wheeled armored fighting ZBD chain. The latter of these combat vehicles carrying 122-mm guns, ZBD 97 is amphibious combat vehicles equipped otokanon 30 mm (or 100 mm gun / missile launcher). ZBD is operated by three Krew capable of carrying seven troops, ZBD has used China since 2006.

Brazilian Special Force

Brazilian Army's 1st Special Forces Battalion is the primary special operations units owned by Brazil, this unit is also the only one battalion is trained to conduct unconventional warfare. Although administratively part of the Army Parachute Infantry Brigade, which operates batallion under the control of Army High Command.
There are three battalions assigned tasks, including supporting the troops and non-regular regular for unconventional warfare operations, mobile teams prepare for unconventional warfare mission training and escape, sabotage, intelligence, direct action Recon.

Germany buy Heron

Israel Aerospace Industries said that it will sell the spy plane to Germany to be used in Afghanistan. Hero, drone meant to be used by the German Air Force in northern Afghanistan for reconnaissance missions. But not disclosed how many drones are purchased or the value of a contract made. Heron is the largest UAV with a wing span of 54 feet and can fly for 30 hours at a speed of 225.3 km per hour at the height 9144 m.

France buy 1500 NVG

French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA) gave the contract to Thales Agenieux to complete the French Army helicopter pilot in 1500 HELIE night vision goggles. Delivery is expected to completed within five years starting from the year 2011, with the new equipment is expected to French Army pilots capable of operating in all conditions.

War against the pirates in Somalia

European Union decided to continue the mandate for the war with the pirates on the coast of Somalia until the end of 2010, which held the European Union Atalanta operations continue its contribution to maritime security in the region. This anti-piracy operations conducted since December 2008 with the involvement of British warships, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece. These ships served as escorting civilian ships through the Gulf of Aden, a British Navy commando.

Peru looking for Landing Ship Tank

Peru is looking for two tank landing craft used by the U.S. and noted the targeted vessel is the Newport class landing ship tank Fresno and Racine.

Indonesia army shooting contest winner AARM-19

Indonesia army won overall champion in the contest shooting 19-year-AARM (ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet 2009) in Singapore in early November 2009, Indonesian army contingent won 14 gold medals, 10 silver, 11 bronze and second and third order are Singapore and Thailand .

France ready Felin

As an application's future soldier program, the French army as many as 22,588 orders Felin kit. Felin stands a Fantassin Liaisons et Integres equipments or Future Infantry Soldier System. This system makes each connected to the system data through its equipment, the army spent 1.5 billion dollars to develop and make Felin kit that will complement all infantry units.

Felin consists of 150 items, 73 of which are standard equipment, infantry would take at least 73 items (including weapons, ammunition, food, water) with a weight of 26 kg. Heavy equipment is designed Felin good use when bergerak.Felin including a protective layer and the soldiers will carry 11 items of electronic, helmet includes 13 items (goggles, digital cameras, Ballistic visor, night vision equipment, commo and others) and water in the tube was brought back (cameback container) such as used American soldiers and mountain climbers.

Indonesian and Singapura Army Exercice Salkar Indopura

Indonesia national army conduct exercises with the Singapore army in Murai Urban Training Facility (MUTF). Exercise with a password that Salkar Indopura conducted last 15-24 November 2009. Singapore as the host, involving 400 personnel from the 3rd Singapore Infantry Brigade and the 5th Battalion, Singapore Infantry Regiment. While the Indonesian Army took 210 personnel from the 13th Infantry Brigade, Kostrad and 100 of the batallion Kodam Raider I and includes training materials and Urban Conventional Operations.