Kamis, Desember 31, 2009

France ready Felin

As an application's future soldier program, the French army as many as 22,588 orders Felin kit. Felin stands a Fantassin Liaisons et Integres equipments or Future Infantry Soldier System. This system makes each connected to the system data through its equipment, the army spent 1.5 billion dollars to develop and make Felin kit that will complement all infantry units.

Felin consists of 150 items, 73 of which are standard equipment, infantry would take at least 73 items (including weapons, ammunition, food, water) with a weight of 26 kg. Heavy equipment is designed Felin good use when bergerak.Felin including a protective layer and the soldiers will carry 11 items of electronic, helmet includes 13 items (goggles, digital cameras, Ballistic visor, night vision equipment, commo and others) and water in the tube was brought back (cameback container) such as used American soldiers and mountain climbers.

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