Kamis, Desember 31, 2009

Super Carrier CVN-21

Ocean would be filled by a fleet of aircraft carriers developed countries, mainly the U.S., some countries have and will improve the ability of the parent vessel. France to Charles De Gaulle Class (43.00 tons), India by Vikramaditya Class, English will be equipped with the Queen Elizabeth Class CFV in line with France's pa2 Project to operate the aircraft carriers of 65,000 tons (UK) and 74,000 tonnes (France). Aircraft carrier called the above would be meaningless so called Nimitz class and will be developed CVN-21 Class Gerarld R. Ford weighing between 90,000 to 105,000 tons, as the official Super Carriers.

With his ability, CVN-21 could increase the number of aircraft to be transported, but it uses the new nuclear energy and new power plants capable of providing electric capacity 2-3 times compared to the previous ships. Launcher system will use the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launching System (EMALS), replace the steam catapult and arresting gear is advanced and integrated combat electronics. Another advantage CVN-21, including increase in flight deck, more reliable weapons system, simplification of aircraft services, and platforms are more flexible.

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