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BAE Systems Assembles Team for FRES Integration & Support

BAE Systems presented the industry team assembled to compete for the vehicle integration and support of the Utility Version of the Future Rapid Effect System (FRES).

The BAE Systems' led team includes QinetiQ, Cranfield University, GE Aviation, SAIC, and SELEX Sensors & Airborne Systems. The UV is the first and largest element of the FRES program. The successful bidder is expected to customize and build the 8x8 vehicle selected by MoD and support it from the planned initial deployment in 2012 through its entire service life with the British Army, at a potential through-life cost of £50 billion.

Construction Delays Two British air craft carrier

British Defense Secretary, John Hutton, will issue a statement regarding the construction of two aircraft carriers for the British Navy worth 6 billion dollars, amid speculation that the program will be delayed up to two years.

Warships would be built by the shipyard BVT Surface Fleet, a joint venture between the two defense departments British companies, namely VT Group Plc and BAE Systems Plc, and will begin operation in 2014 and 2016.

Work on the first ship will be conducted in mid 2009, with the project was at the peak of his work will create or absorb 10,000 jobs.

Military spending is now experiencing the pressure of having to bear the cost of operations in two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, while tax revenues are expected to mesorot due to the economic downturn.

The carrier weighs 65,000 tons, the biggest so far and will be named Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales, each capable of carrying 36 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

JSF is a stealthy fighter jet for all dimensions, which built a consortium of U.S. aerospace group leader, Lockheed Martin, Reuters reported.

Frigate Formidable Royal Singapore Navy

Design Build

Formidable-class frigate was made based on the draft French Navy Frigate La Fayette-class, but smaller. Design has stealth technology (stealth) with the level of detection radar, acoustic, infra-red and very low electromagnetic.

Equipped with a high level of automation systems and integrated combat systems and ship management. So that was enough frigate manned by about 70 personnel.

Overall length of 114.8 meters, beam 16.3 meters and 6 meters Draft. The weight of the whole (full load displacement) reaches 3200 tons.

Command and Control System

Combat management system for the frigates DSTA is built by working together with ST Electronics, Singapore to meet the operational needs of RSN.

DSTA is also responsible for the integration of combat systems are installed onboard. Standard Operation Common Console with layer serving size LCD 20-inch diameter are supplied by Singapore Technology Electronics is a subsidiary of ST Engineerig, which is also a supplier for this ship perangta communication.

Bullet Full

Formidable equipped with missile weapons surface-to-surface Harpoon from Boeing, which has a maximum range of 130 km and uses active radar control. This missile has a warhead weighing 227 kg.

This ship is also equipped with a missile launcher system artificial DCN Sylver vertical launch missiles for surface-to-air from the MBDA Aster 15. Number four units consisting of 8 cells total SYLVERR A43 with 32 missiles.

The main cannon from the frigate is Super Rapid Gun Caliber artificial 76/62 Oto Melara - Italy. As for the war anti-submarine ship is equipped with towed array sonar devices remotely from EDO Model 980 ALOFTS (Active low frequency towed sonar), and the system lightweight torpedo weapons Eurotorp A244S (formerly called Whitehead Torpedoes) with three-tube launcher system.

Formidable-class frigates are equipped with flight deck for helicopters, which could accommodate aircraft weighing 10 tons helicopter. Also available hangar facilities equipped with helicopter support and maintenance. For this purpose will be available 15 person crew who will operate the helicopter.

Possible aircraft helicopter will be used in this frigate is the kind of Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk, which in January 2005 and the Singapore Defense Ministry has ordered a total of six units for delivery between years 2008-2010.

Sensor device installed on frigates include multi-function radar Thales Herakles artificial as the primary surveillance radar. It is also equipped with a passive phased array radar three-dimensional, search & Fire Control radar operating at E-and F-band. Herakles radar is integrated with the missile weapon system surface-to-air Aster.

Surface detection radar systems and navigation are used Scanter 2001 Terma operating at I-band.

Formidable frigates can sail with the speed and the speed maksimum27 knots economical 18 knots, and distance 4000 nautical miles. Dynamics generated by four diesel engine unit MTU 20V 8000 diesel with a combination of configuration-diesel (COD

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Russia may deploy new-generation ballistic missiles by 2017

MOSCOW, (RIA Novosti) - Russia's Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) may adopt a new ballistic missile system in the next decade.

At present, Russia deploys Topol-M (NATO reporting name SS-27) ballistic missiles as the mainstay of its land-based component of the nuclear triad. Russia's SMF operated 44 silo-based and three mobile Topol-M missile systems.

"In the next five-ten years Russia's SMF may adopt a new, more advanced [than the Topol-M] ballistic missile system," Alexander Vovk said.

Russia's Defense Ministry earlier said several dozen silo launchers and over 50 Topol-M mobile missile systems would be put on combat duty before 2015.

"The Topol-M missile complexes have been developed to counter U.S. missile shield plans in Europe," the official said, citing SMF Commander Colonel General Nikolai Solovtsev. "However, if Russia faces an unfavorable global situation in the future, we may decide to develop new [ballistic] missile systems."

The first Topol-M mobile missile battalion entered duty with a missile unit stationed near the town of Teikovo, about 150 miles northeast of Moscow.

Solovtsov said earlier a second missile battalion, equipped with Topol-M mobile ICBMs, would be put on combat duty before the end of 2007 and the deployment of silo-based Topol-M systems in the Saratov Region and road-mobile systems in the Ivanovo Region (central Russia) would be completed in 2010.

He also said Russia would equip the Topol-M missile systems with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles in the next two or three years.

China has a nuclear submarine base secret

China's main base building nuclear-powered submarine groundwater on the island of Hainan.
The accusation that the study group revealed Jane's Intelligence Review defense yesterday. According to Jane, from DigitalGlobe satellite image shows the presence of the base. She warned, though Beijing does not build an aggressive military power, but the base was a strategic capability in the South China Sea and other areas.

"Jane's can confirm that the satellite photos showed China's base building nuclear-powered submarine is very large near Sanya, on the southern coast of Hainan Island," said the study group was leading. Jane said, a military source in Asia has revealed the existence of the submarine base in 2002, but the photos are there currently require independent verification.

"Satellite photos show the location of the port and a Type 094 submarine nuclear-powered ballistic missile capable of such base," said Jane. Another photograph shows the three-missile destroyer Luyang control and a missile Jiangwei 2 at a pier, there are 11 tunnels to the base.

Each entrance of the cave toward the hills. High tunnel about 18 meter.Foto-image also shows two of the tunnel entrance. Other photos showed construction activities involving dredging ships and tug boats that showed boat.Konstruksi Sanya base could become a major center for China's aircraft carriers and battle ships other.

"China's Navy has placed 094 type submarines in Sanya in December 2007," the report Jane. Identify the existence of the submarine base Underground confirmed China's ability in battle under the water. Base that has implications on China's ability to control the South China Sea and major straits in the region.

"For the strength of regional and ekstraregional, it is difficult to ignore the fact that China is now building a major naval base in Sanya, preparing to protect its nuclear power there, and operates from the base," said Jane's said, the base was very close to the major economic powers asia.

Editor of Jane's Intelligence ReviewChristianLeMieremenjelaskan, nuclear development and China's naval ambitions in Sanya shows Beijing's control area.

Sukhoi PAK FA Try Tested

Russia will conduct the first test fifth-generation fighter jet in January 2010 this month according to sources at the company Gargarin KNAAPO to RIA Novosti.

In the first test flight is scheduled to be done on Thursday (28 / 1) but delayed, the sources added.

Currently a fifth-generation fighter jet Sukhoi PAK FA only, United States-made F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II is not yet operational.

India through the company Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) reported joining develop this fighter jet. And make modifications according to the desire of the Indian Air Force single-seat into a double chair.

PAK FA armed with air-to-air missiles, air to surface, and air-to-ship a new generation, and equipped 30-mm cannon.

The first prototype was ready to take off from the runway the aircraft factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East.

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South Korean fighter aircraft using Israeli Radar

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) have announced the purchase of two radar systems contract for fighter jet being developed by Korean Aerospace Industries (KAI) and radar systems for air defense worth 280 million dollars from the Republic of South Korea.

ELTA Systems Ltd.a subsidiary of IAI will develop and deliver radar systems EL / M 2032 to be installed in FA/TA-50 jet trainer. This increases the ability of radar to detect air-to-air, air to ground, and air to sea, allowing to detect target distance and high-resolution mapping.

The second contract, IAI will deliver air defense systems, which is also produced by ELTA Systems Ltd.. This system will operate in the Army of the Republic of South Korea in 2012.

Israel Search Funds To Germany To Sell 2 Stealth Frigate

After the German government to finance the purchase of submarines for the Israel Navy, the current Israeli Navy to get help with financing the purchase of two-class warships Meko A-200 worth more than € 50 million.

The two warships will be equipped with advanced technology systems and missiles that can intercept several classes of ships, submarines and targets on land.

Anti-air warfare frigate made in Germany Meko A-200 stealth-capable helikoper can carry a 10 ton or 6 ton helicopter 2.

Ship 119 meters long and 15.8 meters wide manned by 130 people and be able to be driven up to the speed of 29 knots.

UAE Navy purchased 2 Stealth Warship From Italy

The Navy United Arab Emirates (UAE) ordered two stealth-capable warships Falaj 2. Warships will be built at Italian shipyard Fincantieri.

Purchase contract includes a purchase option 2 the following additional warships to the technology transfer company in the domestic shipyards UAE. The ship is scheduled to be submitted in mid-2012.

The ship has a length of 55 meters and 8.6 meters wide, at over 20 knots with a crew of 28.

Which can be carried missions ranging from patrol boats to the observation with the ability to face the threat of attack from the air or surface.

Baynunah class corvette UAE Navy's shipyards built in Abu Dhabi Shipbuilding (ADSB) combat system supplied by Selex Sistemi Integrati a subsidiary of Finmeccanica, Italy.

Minggu, Januari 24, 2010

Russia Expects Libya agreed Contract Purchase Weapons

Russia expects a number of contracts and delivery of jet fighter air defense systems to Libya was signed on January 26 to 27, during the visit of Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Younis Jaber Libya visit to Russia.

Delegation of Libya that will arrive in Russia, including air defense experts.

Vyacheslav Dzirkaln Russian officials said the delegation's visit was not purely political issues, but also possible penandatangganan delivery contract military weapons and equipment.

Libya and Russia have had five contracts procurement of military equipment, including modernization of T-72 tanks, supply of spare parts, ship Molniya-class missile fast.

Indian Navy Spend 1.5 Billion Dollars For The air unit

The Indian government will spend 1.5 billion dollars to improve the air force Indian Navy.

Indian Navy plans to buy 16 new fighter jets MiG-29, a half-dozen light helicopters, planes and helicopters nirawak versatile. Tender will be done soon, said Indian officials.

Indian Navy will increase the ability Sea Harrier fighter jets, aircraft anti-submarine warfare IL-38, acquired five patrol helicopter KA-31.

"We will acquire fighter jets and helicopters just to equip new aircraft carrier we immediately received, "said the Indian Navy spokesman Commander Satish PVC in New Delhi.

Currently the Indian Navy air unit consists of Sea Harrier fighter jets stationed on aircraft carriers Viraat (former HMS Hermes), while the MiG-29 will be placed on the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya (ex-Admiral Gorshkov).

India is building an aircraft carrier with a length of 260 meters in domestic shipyards Cochin, the laying of hull done in February last year. The Indian government plans to build more than one ship of this type.

Jet Fighter F-7 Myanmar Fall

A single-seat fighter jets Chinese-made F-7 Myanmar's Air Force crashed in Mingaladon air base during a training flight, according to eyewitnesses Yangon International Airport officials told Reuters news agency.

According to eye witnesses the pilot could not save himself, killed the incident place. The incident was one of the ten fatal incidents affecting Myanmar Air Force military aircraft since 1999.

Myanmar's military junta government was not able to buy weapons from Western countries and accused of gross human rights violation. Myanmar equip its armed forces with weapons made in China, Russia and India.

Russia and Myanmar have signed a purchase of 20 jet fighters MiG-29 worth 572.2 million dollars, after removing the Chinese-made fighter jets. Russia has sent 12 MiG-29 to Myanmar in 2001.

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MV-22 for USMC

USMC prepares to send armed aircraft MV-22 Osprey, this aircraft will be equipped with BAE Systems GAU-17 caliber 7.62 mm, which is a small machine gun planted under the fuselage.

Osprey forces will be sent to Camp Bastion in Helmand, Afghanistan.USMC also requires installation of heavy-caliber machine gun 12.7 mm at the rear.

Pararesque Jumper Exercise Program

Team combat Search and resque like Pararescue Jumper (PJ) are likely to continue to be important for U.S. forces, after September 2001 the U.S. continued to hold terrorist hunting operations that are asymmetrical.

In a number of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, a U.S. helicopter was hit by a missile fell pelvic guerrillas. PJ The role will be to determine the safety of the shuttle crew. PJ held a practice rescue helicopter crew at Kirtland Air Force Base, and this exercise is part of the Pararescue recovery specialist course at the Pararescue and Combat Officer School Resque.

U.S UAV to Hunt Terrorist

Special Report of the United Nations says that the killing by U.S. UAV aircraft to hunt terrorists now be a violation of international law. United nations asked Washington to explain his conviction that the UAVs they do not kill civilians. Instead the U.S. is officially not ever operate Predator.

But some reports said that the CIA was using UAVs to kill someone who is suspected of terrorist leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Special Rapporteur of the United nations Philiph Alston questioned the U.S. right to fly the UAV through international law.

F-16 Jettisons bomb at Hill Air Force Base

Having to make emergency landing, the pilot of the F-16 Fighting Falcon U.S. Air Force was forced to take off two bombs of 500 pounds and two fuel tanks. No one was hurt when the plane landed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Similar incident had occurred in December 2008, when the F-16 pilot had to remove two fuel tanks on the Great Salt Lake after the fire after identifying the sensor take off.

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U.S Land Warrior

Admittedly, the Americans are the most comprehensive and most modern in the world. Equipment, weapons and personnel have a level of preparedness is very high. Yet the Pentagon still improving technology Ankatan American land, long enough to socialize the concept of a future soldier "Land Warrior". Land Warrior is a pilot system that binds the computer and satellite technology to support the movement of infantry troops on the battlefield.

Same time, this system allows the field commander to know the truth, compared to the previous version used today is lighter 8 pon.Pada finally, Land warrior will manifest as a more intelligent system, lighter and currently used Land Warrior in Iraq.

Minggu, Januari 17, 2010

New IFV Danish

The Danish government decided to buy 45 support infantry combat vehicle (IFV - Infantry Fighting Vehicle) made by BAE systems, the type used IFV is type CV9035. The total funds needed to reach 123 million pounds, reportedly in addition to firepower and protection level of the fourth-generation combat vehicles are also equipped with sensor devices / electronic art. Until now CV90 recorded 1170 units have been made and used six countries.

New cannon Canada

Canadian Army units operating the new guns, new types of guns are generally Howitser M777 as modern guns and weapons are also called triple seven light weight technology adoption even though this weapon caliber 155 millimeter, these weapons could be transferred by helicopter and technically M777 has a range up to 30 kilometers to the provisions of conventional projectiles.

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U.S. gives aid to Pakistan cannon

Assistance from the U.S. arms for Pakistan began there, other than air weapons, Pakistan army cannon assistance SPG (Self-propelled Gun) M1095A5, reportedly through FMS (Foreign Military Sales), Islamabad will be received at least 155 caliber 115 millimeter cannon, and this center Pakistan actually has operated long guns (M109A2) cannon type.

Swedish anti-tank weapons

Swedish government decided to buy a new anti-tank weapons worth 500 million SEK. Anti-tank weapon in question was none other NLAW (Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon) made by Saab Bofors Dynamics. Swedish Army environmental weapon better known as Robot 57.

Russia Air Force Fighter Su-27 Missing

An Air Force fighter jet Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker disappeared from radar screens in the Khabarovsk territory at 9:27 am Moscow time, according to a source in the Far East Military District told RIA Novosti.

Russian Defense Ministry said fighter jets were doing a routine flight and about 30 km from the base where the takeoff.

Search and rescue operations are underway but so far no sign of the missing fighter jet.

"Jet fighters are Piloted by an experienced, well-trained officers," said Ministry of Defense.

Last year, there were two fatal incidents affecting Su-27 because of "human error".

AU Belarus lost a fighter jet Su-27 crashed while doing acrobatic maneuvers, killing two pilots on October 30, 2009. Two weeks earlier, two Su-27 collided in the air when making preparations for MAX-air exhibition in 2009 outside of Moscow, killing one pilot.

Kamis, Januari 14, 2010

Israel bought from the U.S. interceptor rockets

Israel wants to buy a rocket interceptor system from the United States to protect against the guerrillas from the Gaza Strip. Thus disclosed Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

"Canons and the Vulcan-Phalanx radar will be part of a layered defense to intercept rockets," said Barak told Haaretz newspaper. "This kind of defense, as far as I know is a strategic goal," he said.

The system consists of Phalanx radar to target rockets and Gatling guns 20 millimeter Vulcan to shoot them down. Each component is worth 25 million dollars. These weapons components had been used by the ships the U.S. Navy and Israel.

Previous request made by Israel to buy the Vulcan-Phalanx which was ruled out by the U.S. defense company. This type of weapon has been used with success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In his plan to visit U.S. in June next, Barak will ask the U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates in order to put Israel on top of the list for the defense system. He hoped no guarantee at least one defense system could be made for the upcoming winter.

The guerrillas in the Gaza Strip, controlled by the Hamas movement since June 2007, often firing rockets and mortars, mortar into Israel. Most of the weapons made by the so-called 'Qassam' is less accurate, and only shoot up to 12 kilometers.