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Frigate Formidable Royal Singapore Navy

Design Build

Formidable-class frigate was made based on the draft French Navy Frigate La Fayette-class, but smaller. Design has stealth technology (stealth) with the level of detection radar, acoustic, infra-red and very low electromagnetic.

Equipped with a high level of automation systems and integrated combat systems and ship management. So that was enough frigate manned by about 70 personnel.

Overall length of 114.8 meters, beam 16.3 meters and 6 meters Draft. The weight of the whole (full load displacement) reaches 3200 tons.

Command and Control System

Combat management system for the frigates DSTA is built by working together with ST Electronics, Singapore to meet the operational needs of RSN.

DSTA is also responsible for the integration of combat systems are installed onboard. Standard Operation Common Console with layer serving size LCD 20-inch diameter are supplied by Singapore Technology Electronics is a subsidiary of ST Engineerig, which is also a supplier for this ship perangta communication.

Bullet Full

Formidable equipped with missile weapons surface-to-surface Harpoon from Boeing, which has a maximum range of 130 km and uses active radar control. This missile has a warhead weighing 227 kg.

This ship is also equipped with a missile launcher system artificial DCN Sylver vertical launch missiles for surface-to-air from the MBDA Aster 15. Number four units consisting of 8 cells total SYLVERR A43 with 32 missiles.

The main cannon from the frigate is Super Rapid Gun Caliber artificial 76/62 Oto Melara - Italy. As for the war anti-submarine ship is equipped with towed array sonar devices remotely from EDO Model 980 ALOFTS (Active low frequency towed sonar), and the system lightweight torpedo weapons Eurotorp A244S (formerly called Whitehead Torpedoes) with three-tube launcher system.

Formidable-class frigates are equipped with flight deck for helicopters, which could accommodate aircraft weighing 10 tons helicopter. Also available hangar facilities equipped with helicopter support and maintenance. For this purpose will be available 15 person crew who will operate the helicopter.

Possible aircraft helicopter will be used in this frigate is the kind of Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk, which in January 2005 and the Singapore Defense Ministry has ordered a total of six units for delivery between years 2008-2010.

Sensor device installed on frigates include multi-function radar Thales Herakles artificial as the primary surveillance radar. It is also equipped with a passive phased array radar three-dimensional, search & Fire Control radar operating at E-and F-band. Herakles radar is integrated with the missile weapon system surface-to-air Aster.

Surface detection radar systems and navigation are used Scanter 2001 Terma operating at I-band.

Formidable frigates can sail with the speed and the speed maksimum27 knots economical 18 knots, and distance 4000 nautical miles. Dynamics generated by four diesel engine unit MTU 20V 8000 diesel with a combination of configuration-diesel (COD

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