Senin, Januari 11, 2010

Bolivia would buy weapons from Russia

Bolivia plans to buy weapons from Russia worth several million dollars in the near future, stated Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia told RIA Novosti.

According to a source, Bolivia is very interested in buying some Russian multipurpose helicopters Mi-17 which will be used to combat terrorism and narcotics trafficking. Hugo Fernandez press conference at the mengelar RIA Novosti said that Bolivia is not only interested in buying a helicopter, but several other types of weapons. The agreement lists the types of weapons will be purchased has not achieved, but in a few months ahead will be discussed again.

Russia and Bolivia have signed a bilateral agreement on military technical cooperation during talks in Moscow in February. La Paz Moscow offers loans to purchase Russian-made weapons, without mentioning a specific amount of its value.

However, Alexander Fomin, first deputy director of Russian Federal Service for military cooperation, saying that the Russian defense industry has been effectively "hit the ceiling" and impossible to accept the contract again in the near future.

"Industry can not be withdrawn as well as a rubber bag. As in other countries, Russian industry has reached the limit. It's an open secret, "Fomin said. The total value of trade order Russian foreign weapons now USD 35 billion, according to Fomin.

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