Selasa, Januari 05, 2010

Russia Still Respect Contract S-300 Delivery to Iran

Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi reveals Russian officials told him they still honor the contract delivery anti-aircraft missile system S-300 to Iran, while visiting Daily Argomenti in Moscow.

Sajjadi added that Russian officials are also committed to complete Bushehr power plant and they expect the plant to operate in the near future, reported the Islamic Republic News Agency Iran.

Shipping air defense system S-300 by Russia to Iran in limbo after the United States and Israel are pressing Russia to cancel the contract signed in December 2005.

Some Iranian officials even threatened to sue Russia to an international court for committing defaults on the contract signed by both countries.

One high-ranking Iranian Mansourian General Hassan told reporters during war exercises were held entitled''Modafean-e Aseman velayat-e-2 ", will replace the S-300 system if it is sent off and replaced by domestic production.
Some Russian military experts doubt Iran's ability to make the air defense system comparable to the S-300, although getting help from China. Where China has a defense system S-300.

According to western military experts, air defense systems S-300 will be placed on Iran's nuclear facilities to protect against air attack Israel or the United States.

Currently Iranian air defense systems rely on Russian-made TOR M-1 which reported improved coverage range from 25.000 feet to 30.000 feet, as well as air defense system of British-made Hawk.

S-300 proportional to the air defense system the United States made MIM-104 Patriot, S-300's ability to make fighter jets owned by the Israeli Air Force currently flies into the casket if the reckless conduct air strikes.
S-300 system can track a target and hit the target in the form of aircraft or missiles at a distance of 120 kilometers, anti-jamming and can simultaneously serve up to 100 targets.

In addition to Russian pressure, Israel tried to get fighter jets the United States-made F-35 JSF as soon as possible. The ability of F-35 JSF can overcome the power of the air defense system S-300.

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