Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

Australia to buy F-35 JSF

Young Australian Defense Minister Greg Combet visited the aircraft manufacturer Lockheed Martin, Fort Worth, Texas, to see the progress of a fighter jet program F-35 JSF.

Combet around the JSF production line as well as discussions with senior leaders of Lockheed Martin.

Australia will buy about 100 jet fighters F-35. Until now the Australian government has not issued a formal commitment regarding the purchase. The Australian Government should consider an appropriate price, flight schedule and the ability of the desired result.

Combet said Australia will decide on the purchase of F-35. In discussions with Lockheed Martin, Combet said the F-35 aircraft the right to meet the expectations of Australia's air combat capability in the future and represent value for money which the taxpayer paid.

If realized this will make the purchase the purchase of one of the greatest war machines in the history of Australia.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government to consider reducing the number of F-35 aircraft to be purchased, which is not related to the price according to the initial budget.

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