Kamis, Januari 14, 2010

Pakistan anxious to see India Defense System

The development of weaponry India has made Pakistan seem too hot. In a political statement, released Wednesday, expressing their concern over the spirit of India to build weapons of votes will compete and shake regional balance.

National Command Authority (NCA), which oversees the country's nuclear assets, notes the development of the "disadvantage" in terms of strategic stability in the region. "India continues to pursue an ambitious program of militarization and offensive military doctrine," said Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in a meeting yesterday.

"Development of an induction system of sophisticated weapons, including the installation of ABM (anti-ballistic missile), and build nuclear weapons on a large scale tend to shake the regional balance," he said.

According to him, India will continue to strengthen its defense system has severe consequences for peace and security in South Asia, and the Indian Ocean.

As is known the two countries have fought since independence in 1947, two of them in Kashmir, divided between the South Asian neighbors and claimed entirely by both. Tensions between the two running back after an attack to Mumbai in November 2008, allegedly carried out militant groups based in Pakistan India.

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