Minggu, Januari 31, 2010

Construction Delays Two British air craft carrier

British Defense Secretary, John Hutton, will issue a statement regarding the construction of two aircraft carriers for the British Navy worth 6 billion dollars, amid speculation that the program will be delayed up to two years.

Warships would be built by the shipyard BVT Surface Fleet, a joint venture between the two defense departments British companies, namely VT Group Plc and BAE Systems Plc, and will begin operation in 2014 and 2016.

Work on the first ship will be conducted in mid 2009, with the project was at the peak of his work will create or absorb 10,000 jobs.

Military spending is now experiencing the pressure of having to bear the cost of operations in two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, while tax revenues are expected to mesorot due to the economic downturn.

The carrier weighs 65,000 tons, the biggest so far and will be named Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales, each capable of carrying 36 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).

JSF is a stealthy fighter jet for all dimensions, which built a consortium of U.S. aerospace group leader, Lockheed Martin, Reuters reported.

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