Senin, September 07, 2009

Greek Navy Mulls Frigate Specification

The Hellenic Navy(HN) is finalising the spesification for its new multipurpose frigate acquisition programme and now waiting for a green light from the goverment to proceed with its implementation. The target of six frigates arguably looks ambitious especially considering the initial budget of EUR2.2 billion is expected to grow, the HN therefore has stated that a minimum of four frigate should be acquired with two more as an option.

Sabtu, September 05, 2009

Greek Submarine Completes Trials In Heavy Seas

The Hellenic Navy's Type 214 Submarine HS Papanikolis successfully completed futher sea trials at the end of September.Currently berthed as its German ship builder ThyssenKrupp Marine System's (TKMS) shipyard in Kiel, Germany. Papanikolis is the first vessel to be built as part of a contract for three Type 214 boats signed between the company and the Greek Ministry of Defence (MoD) in February 2000; subsequently a further boat was ordered in May 2002.

CH-53K Order USMC

Helicopter manufacturer Sikorsky began receiving the first part of 8500 parts which will form a new transport helicopter CH-53K heavy as ordered USMC, CH-53K will replace the existing fleet currently in the USMC the three-engined helicopter Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion and CH - 53K has a powerful capability of its predecessor with the load carrying capacity three times as much and be able to fly far more than 110 nm in the areas of operations and have heavy defenses and Flare chaff.

Rabu, September 02, 2009

Pakistan Commisions AIP-Equipped Agosta

Pakistan has become the first country bordering the Indian Ocean to acquire an air independent propulsion (AIP) submarine capability, PNS/M Hamza the third and final Khalid class (Agosta 90B) ataack submarine, was accepted into service by Pakistan Navy, Pakistan ordered the Three Agosta 90Bs in 1994 under technology transfer arrangement. The non AIP first of class, PNS/M khalid was built by DCNS in Cherbourg and commisioned in september 1999.
All the submarine are equipped with the SM 39 Exocet surface to surface missile, capable of hitting target out to 27 nm and ECAN F17P Mod 2 Torpedo.

Genuine India Arihant INS

India is great, and promising future becomes a new superpower of the world with China, and India have launched a nuclear-powered submarine capable of launching the first ballistic missile. Once the submarine is operational means India will have the capability of nuclear war than alutsista based on land sea and air submarine is named INS Arihant, Arihant was armed ballistic missiles and nuclear reactors will be powered by 100 person crew.
So far, India's has an 16 diesel-powered submarines, including 10 Russian-made Kilo class and four German-made vessels. India also has pushed the contract to buy six Scorpene submarines made in France that will arrive between 2012-2017.

Buy Canada 15 CH-47F

Business buying and selling weapons is never stopped. New Boeing then returned to record a contract with the Canadian government valued at 1.15 billion dollars. Snapper contract is intended to purchase a new helicopter 15 CH-47F Chinook. Which by the Canadian Heli coded CH-147 is, according to the needs of Canada Canada through the program, s medium to Heavy Lift Helicopter. Heli will be manufactured at the Boeing Rotorcraft Systems Facility in Ridley Township, and delivery is expected between 2013 and 2014.

6 French Nuclear Submarine

Delegation Generale Pour l'Armament (DGA) of France signed a contract on June 26 by DCNS and Areva-TA for the purchase nuclear attack submarine Barracuda second, this program as part of the six ships that will be purchased worth 11.1 billion U.S. dollars.
Procurement of six ships will take place from 2017 until 2028, the first metal cutting has been done on the same day at the DCNS facilities, six ships will replace the Rubis / Amethyst class. Barracuda has the ability to conduct intelligence gathering missions, special forces delivery, stocking of sea mines, battle with surface ships, and would face each other submarines.

Selasa, September 01, 2009

Shelde Start Building First Of Four Netherlands OPVs

Shelde Naval Shipbuilding laid the keel for the first of four new offshore patrol vessels (OPV) destined for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN). The RNLN also announced that the 3,750 ton ships being procured under project patrouillesscheppen will be named Holland, Zeeland,Groningen and Friesland.
Whith ship deliveries scheduled for 2011-13, the Holland class OPVs will be used patrolling, surveilance and interdiction in the Netherland' exclusive economic zone and in waters off the Netherland Antilles and Aruba, two 5,400 kw diesel engines will give the Holland class vessels a maximum speed of 21,5 knot.

Israel F-35 Order

Israel ordered 25 planes F-35 Lightning II. F-35 purchased to ward off a sophisticated air defense system S-300 Russian-owned Iran and Syria, a computer simulation shows the F-35 can eliminate the S-300 and this order may be signed in early 2010.

Australian Submarine

Australian government forced half the country's industry to be able to design and make a submarine in the future, it was revealed the Australian Defense Secretary John Faulkner announced that the Department of Defense will issue a Request for Tender (RFT) to complete the Domestic Design Study for the project's future submarines, SEA 1000.

SAAB To Suply Canadian Frigate Combat System

Saab has signed a SEK1.1 billion (USD137 million) contract with Lockheed Martin Canada to Provide combat management system for the Canadian Navy's 12 Halifax class Frigate. The Swedish group will supply a CanACCS-9LV Mk4 Combat System and two Ceros 200 directors for each ship, with a 13th package for training facility ashore, deliveries are planned for 2010-17.

The "Protector " USV ( Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) or a ship without a crew PROTECTOR Armamaent developed by Rafael Development Authority as a follow-up to the emergence of terrorism against maritime assets such as the USS Cole bombing. With a sturdy hull height 9 meters (30 feet), Protector maneuvering quietly and very fast, upper profile stuctur closed and aerodynamic, modular platform design can be re-configured to meet the changing needs of the mission as the protection of troops, anti-terror, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and landmines.

Israel Warship

In a program of radical change Israel's fleet modernization, expressed Israel's plan to acquire Lockheed Martin's production ship LCS (Littoral Combat Ship). Yet it is typical of Israel, the Navy also continues to encourage domestic industry to meet the desire AL. Current ranges need to ship 2200 tons of versions bertonase Meko A-100 is built ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), a Hamburg-based consortium is also making two Dolphin-class submarines to Israel.
Blohm and Voss Meko developed in two variants namely corvette Meko A-100 and Frigate Meko A-200 weighs 3500 tons. From discussions with the Israeli Defense TKMS, at least two ships will be built in Haifa, Israel.

German Approves Third Berlin Class Ship Contruction

The Bundestag has approved funding of EUR330.46 million (USD445.4 million) for the contruction of a third Berlin class ( Type 702) combat support ship for the German Navy.
Intended to enter service in 2013, the new vessel will be built by consortium of four German shipyard led by Flashburger Shiffbau Gessellschaft and will incorporate a number of improvements on the existing ships, Berlin and Frankfurt Am main.
The two 20,240 ton auxiliaries which were commissioned in 2001 and 2002, will be increasingly hard pressed to support the navy's five new Braunschweig class (K130) corvettes as well as its 15 Frigates.
The new ship will cost almost twice as much as its predecessors, incorporating lessons learned from operational deployments.