Selasa, September 01, 2009

German Approves Third Berlin Class Ship Contruction

The Bundestag has approved funding of EUR330.46 million (USD445.4 million) for the contruction of a third Berlin class ( Type 702) combat support ship for the German Navy.
Intended to enter service in 2013, the new vessel will be built by consortium of four German shipyard led by Flashburger Shiffbau Gessellschaft and will incorporate a number of improvements on the existing ships, Berlin and Frankfurt Am main.
The two 20,240 ton auxiliaries which were commissioned in 2001 and 2002, will be increasingly hard pressed to support the navy's five new Braunschweig class (K130) corvettes as well as its 15 Frigates.
The new ship will cost almost twice as much as its predecessors, incorporating lessons learned from operational deployments.

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