Kamis, Januari 14, 2010

Canada to buy 15 Chinook Version F Worth 1.15 Billion Dollars

Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay announced that the U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing a contract worth 1.15 billion dollars for the purchase of 15 Chinook helicopter versions F in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The process of discussions and contract negotiations took three years.

Package also includes support services for 20 years worth of 2.2 billion Canadian dollars (1.8 billion dollars).

Boeing will produce Chinook Canada in order Rotocraft System Boeing facility in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania, United States.
Chinook helicopter or CH-147 Canada called, expect to receive the first time by Canada in July 2013 and the last in 2014.

Boeing will make modifications to meet Canadian demand, including additional fuel capacity.

Canada has purchased the version 6 D Chinook helicopters used the U.S. military last year. Canada asked the six helicopters are equipped with machine guns, night sensory systems, communications and navigation equipment, spare engines and spare parts for use in Kandahar, Afghanistan. All the helicopters had started operating in January this year.

Canadian military Chinook operates until the early 1990s, then sold to a Dutch helicopter with a reason to reduce budgets.

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