Senin, Januari 04, 2010

Israeli Navy Again Request Purchase Cost German Submarine Dolphin

German Navy ordered Germany to finance more Dolphin-class submarines, which will be built in German shipyards Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW).

The German government has paid the previous five submarines, four submarines and a fifth has been sent September 2009. This submarine has been upgraded from earlier versions of the Dolphin class and is equipped with AIP systems (Air-Independent Propulsion). This system makes conventional submarines are capable of much longer in the sea.
The first submarine INS and INS Leviathan Dolphin given to the Israeli Navy as a gift by the German government after the German company revealed involved in Iraqi chemical weapons program.

Currently Israel intend to add one more submarine and asked the German government to finance at least some of the estimated price of 750 million dollars.

Dolphin submarine 190 ft in length, capable of firing torpedoes, anti-ship missiles and mines, and can also launch Popeye Turbo cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads capable of reaching targets which as far as 930 miles.

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