Sabtu, Januari 09, 2010

Israel Buying 25 F-35 For Against S-300 Iran

Israeli daily Jerusalem Post reported Israel ordered at least 25 stealth fighter F-35 Lightning II made by Lockheed Martin. Tel Aviv has sent Letters of Request (LOR) to the Pentagon, but the conversation above the price of the aircraft estimated 100 million dollars and a detailed technical agreement continues.

Israel asked for discussion of technical issues to focus on three issues - the integration of electronic warfare systems into the Israeli-made aircraft, communications systems integration into the Israeli-made aircraft and the ability to independently fix the technical problems and structural aircraft.

Lor will be followed by the signing of the contract in early 2010 and the first aircraft arrived in Israel in 2014. Israel Air Force plans to buy 50 additional aircraft units, some will be equipped with the ability to land and take off vertical.

Tel Aviv to buy the F-35 to ward off the threat air defense system of Russian-made S-300 purchased Iran and Syria. Tel Aviv need the F-35 aircraft because the F-15 and F-16 is owned by the Israeli Air Force does not move slightly against air defense systems S-300. Based on the number of computer simulations clearly demonstrated the aircraft stealth F-35 missiles able to conquer Russia.
Meanwhile, Israel is trying to prevent delivery of intensive air-defense system S-300 to Iran under a contract in 2007. Israel and the United States insisted on sending this air defense system would destroy the balance of military power in the region.

Until now, Russia is still delaying the realization of an agreement with Iran. Although Iran has not received S-300, but Moscow has reiterated a commitment to fulfill these contracts are worth millions of dollars.

Air defense systems S-300 last version of S-300PMU2 Favorite reach a distance of up to 195 kilometers (120 miles) and capable fighters ambushed and ballistic missile at an altitude of 10 meters to 27 kilometers. This system can be compared with the air defense system the United States made MIM-104 Patriot.

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