Kamis, Januari 07, 2010

Russia Build Admiral Gorshkov Class Frigate Second

Severnaya Verf shipyard in St.. Petersburg will start building a second-class frigate Admiral Gorshkov Project to 22,350 Russian Navy. The second frigate will be named the Admiral Kasatonov designed to make long-distance attacks, anti-submarine and escort missions.

Admiral Groshkov first ship built in the same shipyard and will be launched in 2011. The ship was designed based on the frigate Project created 11,356 for the Indian Navy and equipped with stealth technology.

Admiral Gorshkov class frigate Project 4500 weighs 22,350 tons, 130 meters long and 16 meters wide with a maximum cruise 4500 nm.

The main armament of this frigate 8 anti-ship cruise missiles SS-NX-26 Yakhont, a new canon A-192 130 mm, a system of ASW (Anti-Submarine) Medvedka-2 air defense systems and medium-range Hurricanes, one Ka-32 helicopters.

According to military sources, the Russian Navy frigate want this class to 20 ships, which will be placed in the Baltic Fleet, Black Sea, the North and the Pacific.

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