Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

Australia Want So Strongest Military in Asia Pacific

Australia believes a big ambition and became one of the best military force and the strongest in the Asia Pacific region in the next 20 years, according to Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said in a press statement accompanying the publication of the White Book of Defense of the country.

"Abilities outlined in this White Paper (stating that in) more than 20 years, the armed forces (Australia) will be one of the strongest in our region under the support systems, equipment and human resources in the world," Fitzgibbon claims.

Armed forces that will be developed into future Australia will be equipped with advanced technology, best equipment, and ground forces, sea and most professional air, he said.

To accomplish this, the government has a comprehensive reform ever undertaken in the field of national defense by redirecting financial resources for national defense is important for the development of new capabilities.

The government also agreed to change the way the defense affairs of state funding through a new funding model, including the real growth of three percent for berkesinambungn defense budget until 2017-2018.

Fitzgibbon said the Defense White Paper 2009 which is the result of hard work relevant parties for more than 14 months provides the most comprehensive picture of the Australian defense.

"This White Paper confirms the government's commitment to the defense and protection of the interests of Australia's sovereignty, and security and stability in our region," he said.

To this ambition, Australia has bought 12 submarines, eight warships, and 100 new fighter aircraft, Fitzgibbon said as quoted by the ABC.

Total defense budget required to buy Australian defense system is up to 100 billion dollars in Australia.

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