Sabtu, Januari 16, 2010

Russia Air Force Fighter Su-27 Missing

An Air Force fighter jet Russian Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker disappeared from radar screens in the Khabarovsk territory at 9:27 am Moscow time, according to a source in the Far East Military District told RIA Novosti.

Russian Defense Ministry said fighter jets were doing a routine flight and about 30 km from the base where the takeoff.

Search and rescue operations are underway but so far no sign of the missing fighter jet.

"Jet fighters are Piloted by an experienced, well-trained officers," said Ministry of Defense.

Last year, there were two fatal incidents affecting Su-27 because of "human error".

AU Belarus lost a fighter jet Su-27 crashed while doing acrobatic maneuvers, killing two pilots on October 30, 2009. Two weeks earlier, two Su-27 collided in the air when making preparations for MAX-air exhibition in 2009 outside of Moscow, killing one pilot.

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