Kamis, Januari 07, 2010

Accept Russian Air Force Transport Aircraft An-124 In 2014

New heavy transport aircraft An-124 Ruslan (Condor) can begin to be submitted to the Russian Air Force in 2014, said CEO of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Alexei Fyodorov, told RIA Novosti. UAC will make 3 aircraft for Russian Air Force a year until a total of 20 aircraft in 2020.

Fyodorov add a unit price of the plane about 200 million dollars. An-124 designed by the Antonov Design Bureau in 1982, produced in Kiev, Ukraine and Ulyanovsk, Russia until 1995.
Russia and Ukraine reached an agreement to continue the production of An-124 in April 2008.

An-124 can carry a maximum load of 150 metric tons of aviation as far as 3000 kilometers. This aircraft is the third largest transport aircraft after the An-225 and Airbus A380F. According to the Air Force commander Army Lt. Gen. 61 Viktor Kachalkin An-124 Ruslan transport aircraft in the world's strongest military.

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