Sabtu, Januari 09, 2010

Ready to ship supplies Buque de Aprovisionamiento de Combate (BAC) Cantabria Submitted to the Spanish Navy

Navy ship supplies Spain Aprovisionamiento de Buque de Combate (BAC) Cantabria successfully completed testing and is ready for final voyage submitted.

Test aimed to test the cruise ships do refueling at sea and make sure the system works well ship including propulasi, communications, combat and electronic monitors.

Testing was conducted on sound testing, vibration, surface search radar, navigation radar, firing cannons, and anchors.
Navantia shipyard build a ship that can be used to support the logistics of a naval combat and humanitarian operations and the environment.

173.9 meters long ship and 23 meters wide with a weight of 9800 tons and mempuyai operating range up to 6000 nm.

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