Minggu, Januari 10, 2010

Hugo Chávez accuses the P-3 Orion USA Venezuela Air Break

Government of the United States, Friday (8 / 1) denied the claims of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during a Cabinet meeting saying the U.S. military planes twice violated Venezuelan airspace, Friday (8 / 1).

"We can confirm there is no U.S. military aircraft into Venezuelan airspace today. Being a policy we will not fly over another country's airspace without prior coordination is allowed or, "Pentagon spokesman said via e-mail to Reuters news agency.

Earlier, President Chavez said the fighter jets ordered two F-16 intercepted a U.S. military plane that entered Venezuela air twice on Friday (8 / 1).

U.S. aircraft driven by the F-16 Air Force Venezuela, after breaking into the first Venezuelan air for 15 minutes and the second 19 minutes.

As he held up a photograph of the aircraft, he explained this a P-3. The aircraft took off from bases in Curacao Dutch Caribbean islands to Colombia which is a rival Venezuela.

The Dutch government said the U.S. military presence in Curacao and Aruba - approximately 250 cabin crew and ground staff - only for anti-narcotics operations and surveillance of smuggling routes in the Caribbean region.
Lockheed Martin P-3 Orion, one of the variants EP-3E Aries II fighter jet was hit by a Chinese J-8 South China Sea on 1 April 2001 and an emergency landing on Hainan island of China. Meanwhile, Chinese pilot Wang Wei was killed in this incident. (Photo: Lockeed Martin)

Venezuela has 21 Force Lockheed F-16A Block 15OCU but which can operate only 14 aircraft. Venezuela has also Sukhoi Su-24 Flanker-G 30MKV and will add another 24 aircraft.

Venezuela will modernize its armed forces with weapons from Russia or China. Venezuela and Russia have signed an arms contract worth 4.4 billion and 500 million dollars. Venezuela is also buying 18 jet trainer / light combat K-8 Karakorum from China. The purchase was to overcome the increased U.S. military presence in neighboring Colombia.

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