Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

Destroyer Yang Chun Man Shot at Best In The South Korea

Destroyers (destroyers) Yang Man Chun (DH-973) Gwanggaetodaewang class KDX-I/DDH-I class voted the best ship in the ability to shoot.

The ship weighs 3200 tons of war get the highest marks in the annual evaluation of the ability to shoot into the air boat / ship to ship between Navy warships from the South Korean destroyer type, the missile escort (frigate), and patrol.

Yang Man Chun has 32 cell Mk 41 VLS for firing SM-2 Block IIIA missile air defense, RAM, two 30 mm Goalkeeper CIWS, 127 mm guns, Mk 45 Mod 4, 8 anti-ship missiles Haeseong and 2 triple torpedo tubes 324 mm for war anti-submarine, and equipped with two anti-submarine helicopters.


Gwanggaetodaewang classes KDX-I/DDH-I meant to replace South Korean Navy warships former U.S. Navy. This program is the first phase of South Korean Navy to be a "Blue Water Navy".

At first South Korean government will build 12 ships of this type, but production ceased replaced with a larger ship with the program KDX-II and KDX-III.
Three Gwanggaetodaewang class ship built by South Korea, Gwanggaeto DDH-971 was launched October 28, 1996, operated in July 1998, Uljimunduck DDH-972 October 16 1997/September 1999 and Yang Manchun 30 September 1998/Juli 2000.

The entire ship was built at Daewoo Heavy Industries Co.., Inc. in Geoje, South Korea. This ship is the first achievement of domestic shipyards South Korea up 100% design destroyer type ships

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