Kamis, Desember 31, 2009

South Korean submarine added

German submarine type 214 South Korea's chosen and set aside the Scorpene Class already booked Chile, India, and Malaysia. Reasons for choosing U-214 was not free from the use of the latest diesel-electric engines and the ability to dive deeper 400 m, including the optimization of hull and propeller design, ultra modern internal systems, and AIP (Air Independent Propulsion). This last system can guarantee the submarine ship in a long time without needing to surface.

Korea had previously ordered three KSS-II / Type 214 in 2000 which agreed assembled by Hyundai Heavy Industries. Batch 2 (current), ordered another six, 65 m long ship and this time weight 1.700 tons. This time the contract fell to Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering. Type 214 would strengthen the three submarine U-209 Chang Bo-go who purchased in 1994. Korea is known to have several submarine development programs such as advanced SCC-III to type submarines 3000 tons.

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