Jumat, Agustus 28, 2009

Submarine Sauro (Coastal Area Specialist)

Sauro Submarine prop made a special Italian Amphibious assault, submarines chasing opponents and hit the ship above the surface in the local area. Therefore the ability to deliberately limited to cruising around the coast of Italy in the region alone.
Designed shipyard Italcantieri, Sauro formally entered operational service in 1980 and the Italian variant of modernization of this class are named Improved sauro, was introduced in the late 1980s. Specifications: length: 63.9 m Crew: 45 men, range surface: 20,385 km at a speed of 14 knots, diving range: 465 km at a speed of 4 knots, diving depth: 250 m, weaponry: 6 tube launchers, 12 torpedoes A184 units or 24 mines.

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