Selasa, Agustus 25, 2009

Lanzhou Class Destroyer ships (Type 052C)

Lanzhou is the next-generation destroyer made in China which is the successor of Type 052B destroyer (Guangzhou class). This destroyer is often considered a "cheat sheet" of the Russian Sovremeny class destroyer. Similar to Ticonderoga class cruisers, Lanzhou combat functions more focused on air defense. That's why these detection systems and anti-submarine weaponry he was carrying more functions as the elements to survive.

Chinese pride destroyer is the first Navy ship bamboo curtain country dilengkapai type phased array radar called SAPARS (Shipborne Active Phased Array Radar System), similar AN/SPY-1. It is said that this sophisticated sensing could not be separated from technical support Ukraine. Sonar Affairs also not free from foreign technical, such as France.

Lanzhou carried weapons including a cannon caliber 100mm Type 210, two 30mm caliber CIWS, eight anti-missile c602, remote SAM 48 HQ-9 semi-active radar-guided, 76 anti-submarine rockets and six torpedo tubes, Lanzhou capable of carrying a helicopter anti-submarine , could be Ka-28 Russian-made or Z-9 locally made (N AS365 Dauphin Heli license China) after Lanzhou, China also made a unit of another ship that is Haikou sister ships.

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