Selasa, Agustus 25, 2009

Battlecruiser Kirov class

Kirov is the world's largest cruiser, and several parties in the class rank fighter explorer (Battlecruiser). Kirov crammed as detection devices, such as two high-powered radar, two navigation radars, two kinds of sonar until no fewer than 13 fire control radar (fire control radar). Seabrek carried weapons including two 130mm guns, 20 long-range anti-missile Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) supersonic berkecapatan, 96 surface-to-air missile (SAM) Remote S300F, 40 medium SAM Osa-MA, 192 short-range SAMs Kashtan, 10 torpedo, 142 anti-submarine rockets and eight weapons at close range defense (CIWS) AK-630 caliber 30mm, Kirov is also capable of carrying three multifunctional helicopter Ka-27.
With two nuclear reactors that became a source of motive power, Kirov able to race without stopping while the rivals must be accompanied by the supply ship during remote operation, Granit missiles which brought a scourge of multi-variant own engagement with the program they have. If fired several missiles at once, they can share objective data with a different route.
Unfortunately, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the fate of Kirov so uncertain. Russia's financial difficulties can only operate two of the four ships that have been built, RSF and RSF Nakhimof Admiral Pyotr Velikiy.

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