Senin, Agustus 24, 2009

Task Force (Task Force) U.S. Seventh Fleet

For the purpose of operating and administrative, Command seventh fleet is divided into several Task Force (Task Force) with the specialization of each, namely:
* Task Force 70 (CTF 70): It is the Battle Force or Task Force. CTF is divided into two groups, the first group is the Surface Combatant Force (surface combat troops). Consists of a cruiser (Cruiser) and Destroyer ships (destroyers). The second group is the Carrier Strike Force or Army Mother Ship, the USS Kity Hawk (CV-63) which has a Mother Ship Air Wing (Carrier Air Wing-5). In conducting its operations tasks, the Task Force Battle Force and the aircraft carrier accompanied CVW-5.
* Task Force 72 (CTF-72): It is Reconnaisance Patrol Task Force or Patrol and Reconnaissance. CTF is mainly comprised of aircraft anti-submarine (ASW) and maritime patrol aircraft like the P-3 Orion and the spy plane EP-3 is operated from the mainland.
* Task Force 73 (CTF-73): It is the Force Logistic or Logistic Task Force. CTF is composed of ships suppliers (supply ships) and support vessels (support vessels).
* Task Force 74 (CTF-74): It is the Fleet Submarine Force or Task Force Fleet submarine). CTF is responsible for operations of the submarine.
* Task Force 75 (CTF-75): There is Surface Combat Force (Surface Combatant Force) that under the CTF -70. CTF is responsible for the operation of the cruiser (Cruiser) and destroyers (Destroyers).
* Task Force 76 (CTF-76): It is the Amphibious Assault Task Force or Strike Amphibious Task Force. CTF is responsible for the support of the Marine landing operations. Consists of units capable of landing the landing troops. The ships are operated between the other class Tarawa, Wasp class Amphibious assault ships and craft Landing.
* Task Force 77 (CTF-77): There is Carrier Strike Force or the Master Ship Task Force under CTF-70. Consists of the USS Kitty Hawk with air Wing, CVW-5.
* Task Force 79 (CTF-79): It is the Marine Expeditionary Unit. Also known as the Landing Force or landing troops. Consists of a battalion of Marines and supporting equipment.

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