Sabtu, Februari 20, 2010

Russian Helicopters Delivers 4 MI-171S To Azerbaijan

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, part of the rotorcraft industry holding managed by Russian Helicopters, delivered one passenger and three cargo Mi-171 helicopters to International Handling Company Ltd. of Azerbaijan.

Pursuant to the contract, the helicopters are equipped for oil & gas operations' carrying loads, apparatus, passengers, and shift teams to locations including offshore rigs. They can also perform surveillance and integrity missions. For additional safety and ease of navigation in offshore operations the helicopters are equipped with modern navigation and landing systems, satellite navigation, radio beacons, emergency water landing systems.

'We were very thorough in performing our contractual obligations in our cooperation with Azerbaijan and are happy with the results,' Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant Managing Director Leonid Belykh said. 'The passenger Mi-171 was unique. Its cabin was made using cutting-edge technology, much in the same way as VIP cabins for our corporate Mi-171s. We worked with AirTaxi-Service, our long-time partner in VIP helicopter interiors.'

For higher comfort the passenger Mi-171 delivered to Azerbaijan is equipped with various systems. The new highly efficient sound insulation reduce cabin noise, so passengers don't have to raise their voice to be heard. Russian Helicopters is expecting demand for Mi-171s with such cabins from state and corporate customers.

The fact that Azerbaijan's International Handling Company Ltd. ordered Russian rotorcraft proves their increasing competitiveness for helicopter operations in the region.

30 countries operate the Mi-171. These helicopters are highly reliable, boasting outstanding capabilities. They are intended for the rational operator who makes the choice based on comparative analysis of price and flight hour costs.

The Mi-171 is certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee and its type certificate has been approved in Asian and European countries. An important feature of the Mi-171 is the use of fixed-wing aircraft production technologies that the Ulan-Ude Plant possesses that are used in its manufacture.

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