Senin, Februari 01, 2010

Iran Expects to Receive 24 Chinese J-10 Fighters by 2010

Iran is buying two squadrons of J-10, China's most advanced strike fighter. The deal worth over US$1 billion will include 24 aircraft.

The J-10 follows the design of the Lavi developed at Israel Aerospace Industries in the late 1980s. The development was aborted under US pressure and according to press reports the plans may have leaked to China and provided the foundation for the J-1 design.

The J-10 is powered by a single AL-31FN engine, an upgraded version of the Russian Saturn AL-31F turbofan (two such engines power the Su-27 Flanker). Integration of an indigenous engine (known as WS-10A Taihang) is currently underway to equip three squadrons (36 aircraft) of J-10 aircraft destined to Pakistan.

The maximum range of the J-10, when equipped with maximum internal and external fuel is 2,940 km., some 800 km beyond the reach of Iran's current MiG-29s. Theoretically, Iranian J-10s will have the range to attack targets in Israel.

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