Jumat, Februari 05, 2010

Development of Jet Fighter F-35 Forwarded

The visitors saw the plane near the F-35 fighter made by Lockheed Martin on display at the Singapore Air Show 2010. The aircraft was not operated and is still in testing stage. This aircraft type could fool enemy radar, and has various advantages of all previous-generation fighters.

Procurement program sophisticated fighter jets and cheaper cost, F-35, still continues. In the process it produced aircraft Lockheed Martin is not as cheap as planned. Time of manufacture also delay the planned schedule.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Wednesday (3 / 2), continuing commitment fighter procurement programs combined F-35's. Boeing Company to take advantage of the weakness of the F-35 program. Boeing offered a contract extension F/A-18 fighter procurement.

To move back to F-35 program as planned, Gates dismissed a senior general who served as program manager for F-35. Bonus of 614 million U.S. dollars was promised to Lockheed Martin officials also canceled due to poor performance of the F-35 program.

The decision was embarrassing Lockheed Martin officials, the biggest U.S. military contractor. Even so, Pentagon officials say they want to make sure the program does not die. This never happened on other weapons programs and then fall off in the middle of the road.

2400 aircraft

U.S. daily The New York Times said, the Air Force, Navy, and U.S. Marines plan to buy more than 2400 F-35 aircraft.

However, delays in production can make them have to spend billions of dollars to buy other aircraft that are less advanced. This redundancy can reduce the number of orders for the F-35, a fifth-generation aircraft with a chair.

F-35 aircraft is projected to replace the F-16 fighter planes and other fighters of old.

Lockheed Martin has actually produced a model F-35, but only two percent of flight test programs that have been made.

Production of F-35 flew the five tests for the first time. In addition was made to model a horizontal takeoff (conventional), F-35 is also made to model off with a short runway and vertical landing model.

U.S. Congress is often questioned the F-35 program. Gates and Navy Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also Admiral Mike Mullen acknowledged the F-35 program problematic. However, with restructuring efforts led by the Pentagon, the F-35 program was believed to be running smoothly.

Mullen said the Pentagon would launch F-35 training in 2011. Price of one unit of the F-35 of about 122 million U.S. dollars, far cheaper than advanced combat aircraft F-22 is worth 350 million U.S. dollars. Until now, only 187 units of F-22 that was produced.

According to the site Lockheedmartin.com, F-35 fighter aircraft designed as a more nimble when landing and take off with supersonic speed and difficult to detect the enemy. The aircraft is also designed to be closer to the target and can hit multisasaran in a single blow.

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