Senin, Februari 01, 2010

Australia Develop New Submarine Fleet

Australia will develop a new submarine fleet capable of carrying long-range missiles and small submarines sophisticated weaponry in anticipation of competition in the Asia Pacific region.

Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon, as quoted by Daily "The Australian", has requested creation of new generation development plan The Australian submarine fleet to replace the class submarines "Collins" in 2025.

Project development of new submarine fleet at a cost of 25 billion dollars in Australia that takes 17 years it is the largest defense projects, longest, and most expensive in the country.

Australian government plans to renew the fleet submarine as it appeared in the countries in the Asia Pacific region, like Indonesia, China, and India also began to develop a fleet of submarine forces in their country.

This condition has the potential to change the balance of naval defense force in the region.

Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon said the general consensus says that the submarine could provide a vital military capability for Australia.

"Recruitment-ship fleet of new submarines requires long-term planning and should be developed. This is what I want," he said, too.

Command immediately made plans to get initial approval from the design phase of the National Security Committee of Cabinet in 2011

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