Sabtu, Desember 18, 2010

Harriers embark for Ark Royal's final cruise

The UK's Joint Force Harrier has undertaken its last cruise aboard HMS Ark Royal before both the aircraft and the Royal Navy flagship are axed following the government's Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

Four BAE Systems Harrier GR.9 strike aircraft from Royal Air Force (RAF) 1(F) and 4 Squadrons and 800 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) based at RAF Cottesmore embarked aboard Ark Royal for the final voyage of the ship's 25-year career.

For its final cruise, Ark Royal sailed to Loch Long on the west coast of Scotland, where it was disarmed, before making its way around the northern coast of the UK to the site of the now-closed Swan Hunter shipyard on the River Tyne in Newcastle, where it was built in the late 1970s. It was just off Newcastle where the Harriers joined the ship.

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