Sabtu, Oktober 30, 2010

Minor War Vessel Concentration Period

Members of 2nd Cavalry Regiment manoeuvre an Australian Light Armored Vehicle onto the tank deck of HMAS Betano whilst conducting a Naval Evacuation Operation Exercise during Minor War Vessels Concentration Period.

Armidale Class Patrol Boats enter Darwin Harbour in formation with Landing Craft Heavy on the completion of Minor War Vessels Concentration Period 2010.

The Minor War Vessel Concentration Period (MWVCP) sea phase has commenced in waters off Darwin, with five Royal Australian Navy ships practising general mariner, surface and amphibious warfare skills.

During the week-long activity, HMA Ships Glenelg, Pirie, Bundaberg, Balikpapan and Betano will work focus on collective competencies including boarding operations, tactical manoeuvring, and seamanship.

MWVCP is part of ongoing efforts to improve ADF capability to protect Australia and its interests, and enhance interoperability within the ADF and with the many agencies involved in the border protection task. It is a carefully planned activity and will be conducted within strict environmental, safety and risk management constrai.

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