Kamis, Juli 08, 2010

Istanbul Shipyard reveals designs for submarine rescue vessels

The Turkish Navy's future Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) will be able to evacuate the crew of a distressed submarine at depths up to 600 m, according to Istanbul Shipyard.

Details of the MOSHIP design given to Jane's on 26 June show the vessel is 91 m long, with a beam of 18.5 m and draught of 5 m. Space is provided for 131 personnel and it has a maximum speed of 18 kt and a range of 4,500 n miles at a speed of 14 kt.

The ship will also be able to perform rescue and towing operations for broken-down, wrecked or aground vessels. Equipped with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), diving units and an atmospheric diving suit (ADS), the ship can conduct underwater maintenance and wreck-removal operations.

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