Sabtu, Maret 20, 2010

Thairung MUV4 : 4x4 Tactical Vehicle

Basic concepts of MUV4

Thai military needs to use 4-wheel drive patrol vehicle with characteristics similar to the Hummer or Jeep patrol vehicles to replace old resident of many decades. Thai Rung Union Car develops patrol car MUV4 up with the needs of the Thai military based. Is a type vehicle features a Rib, 50 light a 4x4 would be used by the Armed Forces.

The structure of Thai Rung 4-wheel drive is car Pikap 3.0-liter diesel engine to be produced for sale in the country. To build out a new body design to a car that was standard. It is important to have repair parts and replace each other as with car manufacturers from abroad. The current production is not yet standard in the country.

MUV4 Patrol car will be developed with metal roof version is version 3: Hard Top, canvas roof version: Soft Top model station wagon roof and steel. Seats 5-11, all models can carry troops. As well as driving force not less than 4 with baggage can install regular units armed infantry course. Installation of communications equipment not impede carrying troops. Moved with Chinook 47D has a loop fastening peg and can be carried on the train or sent by air.

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