Minggu, Juli 26, 2009

Indonesian warship

Procurement program type SIGMA corvettes 9113 became one of the significant steps to modernize the TNI AL strength. Not just adopting the latest technology combatan ship, also applying the technology of integrated ship design with geometric modulations.
SIGMA word is short for Integrated Ship Modularity Geometric Approach. This means that the integrated ship design with geometric modular approach and there are three variants of SIGMA corvettes 6910.8313, and 9113. After passing the old tug finally selected TNI AL 9113 variant. Simple consideration the physical size of the larger and longer range weapons would be carried more. Operational capability is expected to be a better and certainly a deterrent (deterrent) more calculated his opponent.
Stealth technology is required because this technology is required by modern warships and stealth technology is used in SIGMA class and stealth technology that rules are met then the diagonal structures in the design SIGMA corvettes made as little as possible. With this new sista alut Indonesian waters can be very wide awake sovereignty of the necessity of KRI always ready to guard the waters of Indonesia.

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