Minggu, Januari 10, 2010

Indian Air Force will buy 50 Su-Again 30MKI

Indian Air Force commanders are interested in adding a fleet of jet fighters Su-30MKI Sukhoi 50 aircraft again, until the total number of 280 Su-30MKI.

Currently the Indian Air Force has ordered 230 SU-30MKI, including 140 aircraft are assembled under license at Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), India. HAL started building aircraft in 2005 and is scheduled to complete the entire aircraft delivered to India in 2014 AU.

Irkut aircraft factory, Russia to build 50 Su-30MKI and has been entirely handed over to the Indian Air Force in 2007. Currently Irkut build 40 Su-30MKI on the basis of contracts worth 1.6 billion dollars in October 2007.
In addition to Su-30MKI, Indian Air Force operates two types of French-made jet fighters Mirage 2000 and Jaguar fighter jet era of the 1960s Soviet-made MiG-21 BIS to be replaced with 126 jet fighters in the MRCA program, Russian-made fighter jets MiG - 29.

India is currently developing a light fighter jets made in the country HAL Tejas, Indian Air Force planned to operate 220 aircraft of this type. As well as with Russia is developing a fifth generation fighter jet Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA). Indian Air Force plans to buy 250 aircraft FGFA, estimated to cost 100 million dollars per unit.

Indian Air Force fighter jet fleet retire the MiG-23BN (Vijay) last year. Indian Air Force previously had operated up to 70 MiG-23 incorporated in the 4th Squadron, almost lost in accidents and other incidents.

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